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TRANSIT car-camp
Kutná Hora

Where to find us

Orientation map

Orientation map
1reception/office8lake with fishes
2room (2 beds)9cottages (4 x 5 beds)
3kitchenettes10pergola with fireplace and grill
4sanitary facilities11bicycle depository
5dayroom12russian bowling
6sporting place13children's pool
7ping-pong14mobile home
Daniel Egidy

K Malínskému Mostu 35
Kutná Hora, CZ - 284 01
Czech Republic
phone: +420 322 320 634
GSM: +420 792 773 357
GPS: 49°57'52.084"N, 15°18'9.841"E
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Autocamp Transit v Kutné Hoře hodnocení